Total Film | Delivery Man Review


You could be forgiven for thinking that a comedy starring Vince Vaughn as a sperm donor who fathers 533 children is going to be lewd, loud and laced with gags about shooting your load.

But, with Canadian writer-director Ken Scott transplanting his own 2011 French-language hit Starbuck to the States – a case of, ahem, Coming to America – nothing could be further from the truth.

Unquestionably, Delivery Man sets its tone to touchy-feely. And some will find Vaughn swapping frat-boy antics for group hugs as tasteless as a dozen dick jokes. But it’s done with enough spiky humour, largely thanks to the presence of Vaughn and Pratt. It’s a pity Smulders is left with as thankless a role as she’s ever likely to get.

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