Florida Movie Theater Shooting Leaves One Dead In Altercation Over Texting


A man who had been texting in a movie theater screening of the war action pic Lone Survivor died after being shot by another moviegoer today in Wesley Chapel, Florida. The victim had been texting on his cell phone and “making a lot of noise,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told CNN.

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RetrospectRealm2936d ago

Wow. Wonder how it got to the point of having to shoot the guy and his wife. Sad.

Crazay2936d ago

pretty bad man. Its crap where society is headed. My wife and kid were in their car yesterday driving down an obscure country side road and some asshole was taking shots at cars with his shotgun because he was jazzed up on booze and anger and you guys can't even go to movies anymore with crap like this.

DarkBlood2936d ago

well you know what they say, you take one step out the door and you risk your life.

pretty much how i live life in the social world

Excalibur2935d ago

I go to this theater all the time.