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A visceral immersion in the human experience of combat. Lone Survivor delivers a realistic look inside a SEAL mission gone wrong; re-telling Marcus Luttrell's eyewitness account of Operation Redwing. Peter Berg delivers competent direction, focusing on the physical experience of battle and the people inside a war. Mark Wahlberg shines, supported by a solid cast of compelling actors who honour the lost heroes they portray.

Following in the footsteps of Saving Private Ryan, this film portrays battle with brutal honesty, every injury sustained in gruesome clarity. Under these circumstances, Wahlberg and cast deliver compelling performances that arc from teasing brothers-in-arms, to shattered heroes. It is an honest and well executed depiction of one of the darkest chapters in US Navy SEALs history.

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Alexious2939d ago

It really sounds interesting, I'll have to watch it!

Spiewie 2938d ago

Looks like the next one i'll go to after 'Devils Due'