Comic Book Men Finishing Season 3, But No Announcement For Season 4

AMC announced their 2014 schedule today, and there’s a little bit of good news and bad news. Talking Dead joined The Walking Dead in officially being renewed for a fifth season, which will start up in October 2014. However, there was no announcement regarding if Comic Book Men would be renewed or not for a fourth season.

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Soldierone2930d ago

I hope so, I love the show. I just wish they would dive more into finding cool things. Heck why not dive into the studios and get some inside stuff from Marvel and DC?

Plus AMC keeps tossing it into terrible slots. They moved it away from TWD, which made it compete with highly rated pawn shows, then brought it back and threw it at midnight. If I didn't have DirecTV it wouldn't come on until 1-2AM.....