Latest Arrow Episode Confirms Batman Villain

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Back in August it was revealed the League Of Assassins would play a role in Season 2 of Arrow.

The main antagonist for Arrow Season 2 will be a member in addition to an episode titled "The League Of Assassins."

Now more details have become known from last night's episode.

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Vames3187d ago

This is a 3 month old article that tells nothing new. How the hell did this garbage get approved?

Kurylo3d3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

lame ass wannabe batman... don't even understand why they would want to push this character on us. Ill never watch this show lol.

Crazay3187d ago

Your loss man. This show is very well done.

Kurylo3d3187d ago

could be, but its a story im not interested in.

Sitdown3187d ago

Perhaps if you watch the show you would know why, but you already said you are not interested in the story..... why did you come here again?

Kurylo3d3184d ago

because im interested in batman and I was curious. You got a problem wit my curiosity? Why are you here? Same reason right? curiousity. Or maybe your just here to defend your favorite show from people who don't like it. I hope you get paid for that lol.

Anthotis3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Can't wait for this to return.

It's almost like everything is done right(aside from Count Vertigo) and even when reality is bent that little bit more, it is still right.

sourav933187d ago

For a second I thought the season had resumed...I rushed to watch it online. Guess not... :/

Sitdown3187d ago

Can somebody tell me where I can watch the first couple episodes of the new season? CW does not even show them.

Sitdown3187d ago

Not episodes 1 through 4..... guess I will have to go the Amazon/iTunes purchase route.