Can Batman vs. Superman Help the Justice League Stand Up to The Avengers?

DailyFinance: There's no denying that Disney and its Marvel Studios have been more successful than Time Warner when it comes to adapting superhero properties to the big screen. Outside of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and solid international numbers from this year's Man of Steel, the Warner studios have made disappointing use of DC Comics' vast array of properties. Disney, meanwhile, has mined the Marvel Universe to great effect and looks to continue these efforts with a slew of new super-properties.

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ironfist922932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

No. It hasnt been set up like the Avengers films. It will fail by shoe-horning alot of unnecessary characters with little to no development in back stories.

Great things take time, and as such Man of Steel shoulve gotten his own sequel/trilogy, a film for wonder woman, a film or series for Flash, then bring them all together with Green Lantern and Batman in a JL film.

aeon2802932d ago

Exactly! Kind of Like those abysmal flops "LOTR" and "XMEN" franchises. There were just to many characters in those films for people to possibly enjoy them. Add that to the fact that there is absolutely no hype for the "Guardians of the Galaxy" another ensemble cast movie that cant possibly work. Point is there is more that one way to skin a cat. Ensemble cast movies have worked out just as much as single focused character movies have flopped (Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Spirit, ....) Some of us don't like to have to wait a decade for the story arc to reach its climax. From a studio perspective they also have to weigh the risk. Its hard enough to keep a cast together for a trilogy these days much less over the course of a decade or more. God forbid one of the current Avengers dies in real life, then what does marvel do? Recasting the Hulk is one thing but Thor or Tony Stark not so easy.