TVF Justified Review: A New Kind of Family

Now that Breaking Bad is off the air, I consider Justified the best drama on television.

And with the return of Raylan, Boyd and company - along with the appearance of the always interesting guest stars - the Justified Season 5 opener lived up to that billing.

Whether it be the Crowders, the Bennetts, or even sometimes the Givens, the series has always been great in telling stories about troubled families.

Justified Season 5 Episode 1 proved to be no different with its introduction of the Crowe crew.

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alycakes2935d ago

As I was expecting Justified was great. Raylan was his usual self, Boyd Crowder still getting into trouble but still making sure that people know he doesn't kid around.

Don't know exactly where the story is going yet but I know it's going to be interesting and fun to watch.