Dwayne Johnson DC Talks Includes Bane, Killer Croc, Doomsday & Darkseid

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New Year's Eve saw Dwayne Johnson let it be known that he is in talks with Warner Bros. about a DC Comics property and movie.

I've been provided some information about those talks and have been told they include Bane, Killer Croc, Doomsday and Darkseid.

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Crazay2940d ago

Personally, I think that The Rock has the look of a superhero or even better, maybe a villain. WHoever gets him to sign on is going to have a big win.

Anthotis2940d ago

Bane would be a good one, but i like him to play Black Adam, as he would be perfect for the role.

Crazay2939d ago

I don't Shazaam well enough aside from pictures to assess that. Look, maybe, size for sure, personality...I have no idea.

R3DRAIN892940d ago

Enough roids and the rock can be all 4 villains.

aDDicteD2940d ago

DC should not make another bane because tom hardy's performance of bane in the dark knight rises is awesome plus there are a lot of batman villains to choose from and instead of a villain role, I think the Rock can portray the role of a superhero like Cyborg.

vitorizzo2940d ago

he was cool until he cried and then died like a bitch

kingPoS2940d ago

Why couldn't that have a deleted scene instead!



aDDicteD2939d ago

lol I agree with that one, I really didn't like that scene as well as Thalia's death scene.

Crazay2939d ago

Did he actually cry? It's been so long since I saw that movie all the way through that I forget.

Crazay2940d ago

I thought TOm Hardy's Bane was fine but I didn't think it was "Awesome". That likely wasn't his doing so much as it was the writers. Personally I didn't think he had enough overall size to step into the role of Bane. I thought someone the size of Dave Bautista might have been a better pick

Scrivlar2939d ago

I agree. There's that one shot when he stands up in the sewers where he towers over his henchmen and it was awesome, But then when he starts to fight batman it does put me off a little that he wasn't much bigger.

vitorizzo2939d ago

he had tears in his eyes when Thalia was talking about her past.

2939d ago