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Is Chris Evans Going to be Replaced as Captain America After the 2nd Movie?


Here are the new Empire covers featuring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson for Captain America 2! I’ve been itching to post these photos and couldn’t find an excuse until now. I guess I should mention Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier over on the left. Comic book aficionados would probably slap me for mentioning that character so casually. To me though, this series is all about Chris and the fidgety, fish-out-of-water character that fits Chris’ own demeanor perfectly. As an actor (and a person), Chris carries the right amount of existential dread to communicate Cap’s conflicted perspectives.

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Crazay2938d ago

My guess is no...not after this movie but perhaps, during Age of Ultron I could see a big shakeup taking place. It would be pretty cool if you ask me.

3-4-52937d ago

If you keep switching who plays who, it loses it's appeal.

For a lot of people Captain America IS Chris Evans, just like Christian Bale IS Batman.

Look what they did with the hulk.

3 good to great actors who all did a good job, but they kept switching so it lost it's appeal and doesn't hold the same weight as it could have.

overlord232937d ago Show
darklordzor2938d ago

I seriously doubt it's going to happen, but I think that would be an awesome story risk for them to take. It would be nice to see them take risks with their properties along those lines.

Crazay2938d ago

It would be right? Take a gamble and do the Captain America change. Steve Rogers isn't always Captain anyway if my memory serves me correctly.

darklordzor2938d ago

No he's not, but considering how popular Evans is as Rogers, and that a major portion of the movie audience don't read the comics, keeping him would be the 'safe' option.

Joe9132938d ago

You are right I read a comic where something happens to Nick Fury and Steve took over and Bucky was cap but the funny thing is Steve was wearing the suit from this movie.

Crazay2938d ago

Safe yes - But, sometimes taking a risk can be a very good thing. It won't be with this movie but with Age of Ultron, I see it as a real possibility and personally, I could see it paying off big time.

ajax172938d ago

totally ot but that website name... lol

Soldierone2938d ago

To be honest its Hollywood so this is expected, especially with how massive the Marvel universe is. They are probably going to attempt it with other actors eventually too.

barb_wire2938d ago

At some point though they'll have to recast - too old for the part, unavailable (illness/death even), money will play a huge part.. again at some point these actors are gonna want a bigger slice of the profit pie and seeing how cheap Marvel are (they are cheap) they'll recast.

ckfilms2937d ago

After Winter Soldier, Chris Evans will be 3 films into his 6/7 multi-film contract. So we'll need to wait and see if they continue with Captain America and Avengers or else be onto other film projects by then.

I think only Terence Howard has been let go cause he demanded too much, as everyone was only contracted for the first Iron Man then started negotiating for multi movie contract.

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