Which Classic 'X-Men' Character Is Making A 'Days Of Future Past' Comeback?


When an actor is cast in a comic-book movie without any mention of who he's playing, it's usually because it's someone that fans will know. That was the case with Evan Jonigkeit, who joined "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in an unspecified role. But at the premiere of "Girls," which stars his girlfriend Zosia Mamet, he revealed to MTV News which familiar mutant he's bringing back to the big screen.

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darklordzor2515d ago

When I first heard this I was hoping that meant Ray Park would return as well (he's aged well so it's not outside the question), but sadly he won't.

Crazay2515d ago

true but they need him to be so much younger than what Ray Park can portray.

darklordzor2515d ago

I know...I just like Park. I think he's underrated and I've been wondering if Toad would ever show back up.

Crazay2515d ago

If they were bring them back to modern day, I think Ray Park absolutely needs to be back.

mafiahajeri2515d ago

Always liked Toad he was my favourite villain in the original and I always hated storm for killing him, lol.

hazelamy2514d ago

and with such a crappy line as well.

"the same thing that happens to everything else"

but, he might not have actually died.

it's a comic book movie, if you don't see the body, they're not dead.
hell, Xavier was vaporised and he's back, somehow, can't wait to find out how.

darklordzor2514d ago

Yeah, I never actually thought he died, just got blown out and taken out of the fight. I was seriously confused when he didn't pop up in any of the sequels.