Is Matthew McConaughey The New Johnny Depp

Huntington Post:
This time 10 years ago, Johnny Depp was on the cusp of earning his first Oscar nomination, for what was then considered a clever turn as Cpt. Jack Sparrow in the first of way too many "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. The nod was long overdue, arriving years after Depp wowed us in films like "Edward Scissorhands," "Ed Wood" and "Donnie Brasco."

Now, despite two well-deserved nominations since (for "Finding Neverland" and "Sweeney Todd"), a "Pirates of the Caribbean" performance being thought of as seminal -- or Johnny Depp in the same sentence as "Oscar nomination" -- is laughable.

But wait. Let's rewind again. Ten years ago, Matthew McConaughey was starring in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." "Two for the Money," "Failure to Launch" and "Surfer, Dude" -- the latter of which maintains zero positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes -- all came after. Now what do we have? A crime on our hands if McConaughey is snubbed for his wrenching performance in the AIDS drama "Dallas Buyers Club" when the Oscar nominations are announced on Jan. 16. (He already has Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nods, but Best Actor is a tense race this year.)

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TheHergulaX2936d ago

Haha, is Matthew McConaughey the new Johnny Depp?

The people on Newsboiler who know me, probably know how I just reacted to this news, so because I don't want to offend anyone, I won't say anything but... no.. no... no... god sakes... no.

PS. Matthew McConaughey is not even close to Depp's level, class, skill... or anything for that matter... not even comparable.

ironfist922928d ago

Mathhew is to Johnny what Hiroshima was to Japan