Iron Man 3 Writer Tweet Hints All Hail The King Is Mandarin One-Shot

Here's a big clue that The Thor: The Dark World bonus feature “All Hail The King” will indeed revolve around the events of Iron Man 3. Drew Pearce, who wrote the screenplay for Iron Man 3, just tweeted, “Belated happy new year, people. Oh, and #AllHailTheKing.”

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-Foxtrot2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Drew Pearce...the guy who along with the director Shane Black ruined the Mandarin after fans waited years to see the Mandarin on the silver screen.

If it's written by Drew then theres no way it's going to feature the real Mandarin because I'm guessing with recent interviews with him and Shane Black in they think they did nothing wrong and what they did was perfectly fine. Seriously if your going to get people to write comic book films at least have them respect the source material, I mean even what they did with the Extremis stuff was horrible

They have a chance to fix Iron Man 3 and the Mandarin, don't waste it.

denero12938d ago

ohhh they aren't going to :(

iron man 3 was bad to me but most people say they enjoyed it >.<

it felt like it was all over the place >.<

SITH2938d ago

Yeah they literally ruined the mandarin. Made a total joke out of the character.

Ninte2938d ago

I really hope they aren't just going to leave IM3 as it is because a lot of us have been waiting for the mandarin to be in an iron man movie and it was a joke i agree. Just hope they can have the mandarin be the mastermind behind all this kiosk and fix IM3.