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Best Horror Movies of 2013 & Big Disappointments

Best Horror Movies says "As with every year, there are stand-out, and there are those horrors that stink to high heaven. There are also those that are for some reason disappointing – maybe the film didn’t live up to the hype, perhaps we were really hoping the film would be good only to watch it crash and burn."

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Best-Horror-Movies2946d ago

Summed up 2013 was a average year for horror, and I'm not too optimistic about 2014.

-Foxtrot2946d ago

Evil Dead was a horrible, lousy remake which didn't even touch the original.

As a massive horror fan I'm sick of an average remake get so much praise.

Seriously can we not just have Army of Darkness 2 now.

Kurylo3d2946d ago

Whats funny is that as much of a "remake" that it is... they are treating it as canon to the story.. not a remake. They plan on making army of darkness 2 with bruce... then a crossover film with both characters from both evil deads...

-Foxtrot2946d ago

They better bloody not do that, Ash only made a cameo in the remake as a nod to the old films not because they share the same universe.

The only thing people say about is "Oh it's really gory"....gore does not make a horror film.

Kurylo3d2941d ago

bruce cambell is the one that said this is happening.

Rubberlegs2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I enjoyed the hell out of the Evil Dead remake because yes of the amount of gore it had. They didn't hold anything back and that's what I wanted to see. It was great hard rated R flick which to many horror remakes today become watered down versions and studios play it safe.
The remakes of Jason, Friday 13th and other recent horror remakes have all been pretty bad. I really don't understand how fans of the original Evil Dead hate the remake so much compared to the all horror remakes that been coming out over the years. The Evil Dead remake actually lived up to the original by adding a good amount of over the top gore. I mean what else were people expecting from it?

What also liked about it was that it wasn't a straight up remake, they didn't try to replace Ash or give us a new Ash character. The only main scene that they pulled from the original was the tree scene.

Also the whole crossover movie is just an idea they have talked about. They do plan to make an Army of Darkness 2 and sequel to the Evil Dead remake. If they tried making a crossover movie they would make another movie that would connect them.

level 3602946d ago

American Mary was really good.

Curse of Chucky was really terrible, worst of the entire series I believe.

Byzantium wasn't on the lists'. I highly recommend it. Worth a watch.

CoTton_MoUtH2945d ago

Incidious 2 was pretty good I fux's wit it

ABizzel12945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

The Conjuring was the best horror movie this year IMO. Although it was a cliched ghost movie, it was genuinely scary which is a shame that scary is a rarity in horror movies nowadays.

Interested in Battery, looks like indie was the best for horror this year.