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47 Ronin features Keanu Reeves with a samurai sword fighting a shape shifting dragon, how could it be bad?

Well if you throw in some bad acting and a confusing attempt to pad a simple story line it might just do it, lets take a look.

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TheHergulaX3198d ago

This comes from me as someone who just wants to help, remember to check for spelling mistakes, the grammar, as it is quite important to not have small flaws, as poor writing may actually turn some people off. Like I said, I am speaking simply about grammar, not the content itself.

MrGunny943198d ago

Hello :)

Thanks for your comment, we're a portuguese team and our native language isn't English but we do our best to get the grammar right! :) Thanks for the advice!

TheHergulaX3194d ago

Of course, I understand that fully, and know the struggle of that because I too am not a native English speaker, I am in-fact from Estonia, living in Sweden.

So I know how difficult it can be, but I do like the website, keep up the good work!

MonChiChi3196d ago

I really wanted to like this film, though it wasn't horrible, it sure was not great. I found myself trying to stay awake. Had a lot of potential, but falls very short in my opinion.

overlord233196d ago

Yes went to see this on Monday its not great the main problem is the films script was re written a few times.

Once to make it more like The Last Samurai then again to make it a bit 300 crossed with LOTR but it just does not work.

The Japanese actors that did not speak English had to learn all their lines again and led to delays and arguments which did not help.

I left the cinema feeling quite empty inside a wasted opportunity.