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The 13 Worst Horror Movies Of 2013

WGTC writes: Is it really that time of the year? Have we already exhausted 2013′s cinematic catalog for all it’s worth? Wow, I fell like it was only yesterday where I was grumpily counting down my thirteen least favorite horror films of 2012, but apparently since then I’ve seen about 100 more horror movies, and it’s time to embrace the awfulness once again. Well, OK, not so much embrace, but warn you good-hearted readers of the atrocious horror films I forced myself to sit through this year so you don’t have to. I mean, some of you will anyway, or you have, and to you wayward souls I commend your ability to seek out all types of horror films, and I’d also suggest you follow my daily postings as my reviews come out in real time. Save yourself the trouble of purchasing a movie ticket only to be let down by yet another genre clone. I’m here to help, let me be your Sherpa up the blood-soaked mountain that is the horror genre!

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