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50 Best Movies Of 2013

TF: Welcome to the Total Film list of the Best Movies of 2013.

In our list we'll run through the Best Films of 2013, including blockbuster smashes and indie favourites. First up, The Conjuring...

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TheHergulaX2950d ago

Very nice list, although I am quite confused with the fact that many films that were released last year made the list, I mean I get the fact that the films were most likely just released in some countries, but still... seems odd.

Yi-Long2949d ago

It's a crappy list. For starters, The Grandmaster is missing. HK cut is tremendous (western releases were butchered, as usual).

But apart from that, it just seems extremely western-orientated, while there are so many great movies coming out from all around the world.

You'd think a magazine/website with the title 'TOTAL Film' would be a little bit more open-minded, than the very limited view they're showing here.

RetrospectRealm2949d ago

Total Film is from the UK. Those films you're talking about were released in January over there.

TheHergulaX2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Oh well, guess it makes sense. Not a big fan of Total Film myself, quite ironic considering that my sister lives there, visit it a lot and live in Europe myself...

aDDicteD2949d ago

decent list, in fairness almost all movies i think are great films, have to disagree with some of the rankings because some were really ranked high but should have been in the lower half but everyone has his own taste.