Sam Woolf’s 10 Best TV Shows Of 2013

WGTC writes: Guys, the amount of good TV this year was really kinda ridiculous. Like, truly unfair. I don’t know whether it’s an accomplishment or grounds for psychiatric evaluation that I managed to fit in over 30 shows this year while working a full-time job, but the real crazies out there are the ones responsible for making my viewing habits look casual compared to the hours and days you’d need to commit to really be on top of your TV game in 2013. To wit: there was a ton of no doubt great programming out there that never had a chance at making my Top 10 list, simply because I didn’t have time to watch it. I walked out on Boardwalk Empire (mistakenly, it would seem) after Season 1, and haven’t been in the mood for Masters of Sex just yet, to name just a few of the shows popping up on “Best of” lists right now, but not my own.

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