The Breakout Performances Of 2013

WGTC writes: 2013 has been a great year for entertainment. We’ve seen a surplus of phenomenal, Academy-bait films in the past few months, from big-budgeted blockbusters like Gravity to character-driven indies like Nebraska, that will make the upcoming Oscar race one of the most crowded in years.

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Genki2948d ago

Cavill shouldn't be on this list. The guy hardly said a word or did anything with his character; damn near an hour into the film, he puts on the iconic costume and the most interaction he had with anyone at that point was the thug in the bar. His performance was too passive to be considered a breakout. He doesn't embody the role in the same way other actors like Bale, Downey, Jackman, and several others did their heroes.

I get that some people liked the film, but let's be honest here - Cavill wasn't given much to work with, and that's not a sleight against him, it falls squarely on the shoulders on Goyer and Snyder for shortchanging their leading man, the titular character for goodness sake.

hazelamy2947d ago

i really liked Man Of Steel, but you're right, he wasn't given much to work with other than angst and anger.

hopefully his interactions with Bruce/Batman should give him more to do.

some of the Batman Superman comics have have some great dialogue between the two.

Anthotis2947d ago

I like Henry Cavill, and he did a good job playing Superman, but i don't think he's experienced enough to carry an actor as bad as Ben Affleck.