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Release Day Set For ‘The Raid 2′

Were you a fan of the cult-hit, action-packed movie, ‘The Raid: Redemption’? If so we have some good news for you. The distributers behind ‘The Raid 2′, Sony Picture Classics and Stage 6 Films, have announced that you can see the highly anticipated sequel on March 28, 2014.

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Lord_Sloth2952d ago

Hopefully it won't take nearly as long for me to see in the states as the last 1 did.

Yi-Long2952d ago

Hopefully this time they'll just stick with 1 version, instead of screwing over parts of the world with an alternative soundtrack, excluding the original music.

Still haven't seen the movie because of it not being available here in Holland or Hong Kong with the original soundtrack, instead just having the 'Shinoda' music.

L0Lcano2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I didnt have high expectations when I watched the first one. In fact I never even heard of the film before the dudes around me put it on but its probably the best action film Ive seen in my entire life and I have seen a lot.

aDDicteD2952d ago

thats great news, i was thinking before that they will have it launched during the second or third quarter of the year, then its just 3 months to go. i think they gave it there all with having 2 and a half hour, and i heard that this was their original concept before making the first film but did not materialize because of monetary issues, i have big expectations for this film.