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Leonardo DiCaprio’s 5 Best Performances

WGTC writes: Despite having never won an Oscar (a true crime), Leonardo DiCaprio is without a doubt one of the most talented and enjoyable to watch actors that has ever graced the silver screen. His magnetism, charisma and versatility has led to a career made up of one iconic performance after another and unlike other actors of his caliber, he’s never once been disappointing. Even in some of his lesser films, like J. Edgar and The Great Gatsby, DiCaprio is still a marvel to watch.

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coolbeans2944d ago

At this point, it's tough to narrow it down to just 5 of his performances.

aDDicteD2944d ago

his performance in blood diamond is what i think is his best performance as an actor, although its not a di caprio film favorite of mine, i think he was more superb in that role compared to other of his more famous films.

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