Laser Lemming Review: Out of the Furnace

Laser Lemming's Chris Patton reviews the sharply metaphorical Out of the Furnace starring Christian Bale. He writes:
"As the Deer Hunter showed the price of America after Vietnam, so does Out of the Furnace show the modern cost of believing any single thing the U.S. Government spoon-feeds to the babies of media. More jobs, healthcare and Jesus saving you are non-existent. Rodney and Russel’s father is immobile and dying on the couch. Career choices teeter between shoveling gravel, working at the mill, or taking up bare-knuckle boxing with lowly bookies at the local bar. This is America 2014."

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CursedHero3206d ago

Once the Deer Hunter training wheels come off, the audience is left with a wonderfully horrific ride. It’s all at once too honest to appreciate and too personal not to step into.