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9 Reasons To Be Excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Day of the Doctor was one of the most anticipated television episodes ever; its broadcast set a world record for largest simulcast of a television drama. With the exciting return of Doctor Who fresh in our minds, here are some reasons to be excited for the Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor.

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-Foxtrot2948d ago

10) Matt is finally leaving

Bring on Peter :D

Finally a more mature Doctor

monochromer2948d ago

I've never seen a show with such horrendous acting. I don't think maturity makes much of a difference.

Deku-Johnny2948d ago

I really don't see everyone's problem with Matt's childishness. I'm glad that we're going to get a more mature Doctor but it was good to have a few years of childlike wonder.

-Foxtrot2948d ago

Because it was too much and it wall all he could do

Unlike Eccelson and Tennant they showed a range of emotion and when they were serious you believed it, when Matt does it you cant take him seriously