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Walking With Dinosaurs Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Jennifer at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a positive review for the new family movie "Walking With Dinosaurs". She notes the charming characters as the strong point of the film.

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aDDicteD2947d ago

i would like to see this film since i liked watching dinosaur documentaries. the story looks the same as march of the dinosaurs and even has the same dinosaurs in it. i would even get this on bluray at some point for sure.

Garethvk2945d ago

They did not put a ton of originality in it as they went with tried and true formulas.

aDDicteD2944d ago

when i saw the trailer for this film i already knew what to expect from it, its just really a straightforward film about survival, i hope if ever they make more of this dinosaur oriented films they should come up with other settings or different dinosaurs for it to be more exciting, they can stick with the old formula but they can experiment more on new ideas to blend.

Garethvk2943d ago

I hope Jurassic World is better but I am cautions due to the Director.

aDDicteD2942d ago

i think jurassic world would be good, i am not expecting it to top jurassic park but i think it will be better than lost world, they might concentrate more on the plot because that would be the key element reviving the project and might learn their mistakes in the last jurassic park which really had a very simple story. as for the director i heard that he is good but is really not that popular yet i hope this will be the film for him to be known.