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47 Ronin Not Screening For The Press

Skewed and Reviewed have posted news that the pending action film "47 Ronin" will not be screning in advance for the press. This was confirmed as being the case in multiple markets.

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firelogic2949d ago

lol. Guarantees the movie is terrible if the studio isn't doing press screenings.

Garethvk2949d ago

I heard that some screenings done to date were so bad people were booing and walking out. So the studio decided to cut bait and not screen for the press. I always wonder when they contact us as say hey do you want to run a contest and give out passes and prizes. Usually this happens for ones that are not screening as they want the publicity for the film that they are not going to get from a review. Some solid films that do screen for the press do this but not all.

Garethvk2948d ago

There was a report that select in L.A. were given one. Those are always suspect as those are ones where they provide quotes for the ads. You have to wonder if a film is considered not one to screen for the press, and yet one market of hand picked media has all sorts of quotes of praise, if a payoff is being done.

Upstate89872946d ago

this report isn't accurate. There was also a screening in NY Saturday.