Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Trailer Breakdown

You've all seen the trailer by now. No big deal right?

The Game Druid takes you through the trailer and analyzes several parts of the trailer of what is to come and what to expect; in our first ever Trailer Breakdown.

Join us as we go through each and every scene in The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer and hopefully leave you with more unanswered questions than you started out with.

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caleyforsythe1858d ago

The trailer isn't giving away much no? Great job of breaking it down? it certainly did look harder than it should have.

The question is...who's fighting whom now? I always thought it was the Apes vs. humans. but this seems to be another story all together. :(

gamedruid1857d ago

yeah, it's pretty much unknown at this point - my real sense is the apes and humans are fighting a common enemy.

now if that enemy is a physical one or an emotional one - we'll have to wait and watch.

blackwyvere1857d ago

It's all too exciting.... Will be one of the better movies for 2014 :)

kiranpk1858d ago

Should have covered Caesar's evolution in the trailer...went from ape to some sort of evolved ape.

gamedruid1857d ago

Thanks for your inputs - yes, we didn't cover the apes evolution because, it was already covered in the previous article about things to expect from the movie.

Also it's pretty evident that the apes 'evolved'; i'd be more inclined to cover that when the movie is out.

aDDicteD1849d ago

i do not think there is a common enemy, it looks straightly apes vs humans just like the original formula before, but if there is more complex subplots involve that would make the movie more awesome.