TVF NCIS Review: Just A Little Faith

How fitting that, at this time of year, an NCIS episode would be all about faith.

On NCIS Season 11 Episode 11, there was little faith to be found at first. Vance didn't trust the motives of his estranged father-in-law. And the parents of the first little girl who was stricken with an unknown illness certainly struggled to keep hope alive, what with Bishop rhyming off a number of possible causes for her condition.

And Palmer had no confidence about being a father, particularly as the case wore on, and he struggled with Abby and her friend Carol to identify the virus that seemed to be mutating, affecting a wider and wider number of children.

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alycakes2954d ago

Abby is the best. If anyone can make people feel better she can...even in real life. She just has such a wonderful personality.