TVF Person of Interest Review: Secrets of the Machine

After such a dramatic turn of events with a major character death in Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 9...Reese’s revenge in Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 10... followed by the start of a winter hiatus, I expected Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 11 to be just a complete standalone episode that was a fun break from the major story.

After all, Person of Interest is taking another break until January. Maybe the hour would even be holiday themed.

But there’s clearly no stopping this juggernaut of a show that spun another entertaining web which looked like one thing before flipping everything on its head and providing another heck of an ending.

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alycakes2962d ago

They really left us hanging on this one and I have no idea how they will get out of it but we'll have to wait until January to find out.