Laser Lemming Blu-Ray Review: Jug Face

Jug Face (2013) has arrived on Blu-Ray. Laser Lemming's Chris Patton knows not everyone has seen it, but they should. Chris writes:
"A young woman is dick-torn for fun, impregnated by her brother, and sells herself to lies to survive inside a backwoods cult. Director and writer Chad Crawford Kinkle uses his noteworthy script to drop Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter) and us into a normal looking pit. Funny thing though, the pit is a chamber of God’s vengeance, which would be unimaginable if it didn’t define the common American “You’re not a Christian, so you’re against us!” mentality."

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CursedHero3210d ago

Jug Face got hit-hard in reviews for being "more of a drama than a horror story."

I don't buy it. It is a solid, great low-budget horror film that delivers a disturbing fable.