Total Film | Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review


Who can we blame? TheHangovers? Police Academies? Either way, comedy sequels have a reputation for stumbling over the hit-repeat-and-scarper approach to gag-making. Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s sequel to their 2004 sleeper satire isn’t entirely immune: it often revives old glories with the eagerness of Ron Burgundy guzzling the tipples.

Yet it also sneezes up enough nonsense non-sequiturs, crack-smoking irreverence and hair-based hilarity to tickle anew. Meet The Fockers it most definitely is not.

‘Boring’ isn’t an option here, but like Burgundy’s voice volume, McKay sometimes let his control slip. The first film’s strike-rate was hit/miss, but it moved so fast you hardly noticed. Here, the legend continues, and continues some more, then over-heats old gags: Ron’s jazz flute, Brian’s cabinet, Champ’s secret love and a mob-handed ruckus all feature, with varying degrees of success.

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