DVD Review: Elysium — Paulsemel

While the Blu-ray seems like it's better, the DVD of the sci-fi movie Elysium is as obviously, and pointlessly, as flawed as the movie.

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monkeyfox2955d ago

$hit review... His main problem with the film was that the space station had no roof! I mean.. seriously, its science fiction fcs!
Despite a few flaws a would give this film a solid 7/10 as i love Neill Blomkamps work and cant wait to see what he does next.

KingPin2954d ago

i think you mistake him reviewing the DVD for a movie review.
His main problem with the movie is the roof of the space station, which he doesn't give a score on in any case.
but when he compares the content you get on the blu-ray to DVD version, you get nothing on the DVD. nothing at all except a bunch of trailers of movies you probably wont even watch. i think this is why he knocked off a whole lot of points.

"If all you care about is the movie, then the DVD edition is just fine. But if you want more, you’re kind of screwed. And in annoying way.

That’s because while the Blu-ray has an extended scene, an interactive look at the movie’s art and design, a multi-part making-of documentary, a look at the effects, and a featurette on the technology, none of this is included on the DVD."

i think this paragraph alone is why he gave the DVD review a 4/10. basically if you like the movie and aren't interested in bonus content, you wont mind the DVD, but if you want some extra content, you basically forced to get the Blu-ray disc.

monkeyfox2954d ago

yeah, i did think that after i posted...oops.. although i think he should be more specific about exactly what the score was for. Some reviewers break it up into two parts film/extras etc.
He was right about one thing though, jodie fosters accent sucked (!!) and detracted from the film as a whole...

beerhound2954d ago

King Pin is right, the 4/10 was for the DVD. If I was reviewing the Blu-ray, the score might've been higher. Assuming, of course, the extras were better.

As for the movie, I reviewed that when it came out, and gave it a 6/10. I even linked to it in my DVD review.

Oh, and yes monkeyfox, disliking this movie because of the roof thing probably is silly, but it really did ruin things for me. Ah well.

monkeyfox2953d ago

Well now i just feel bad!! Seriously dude, its great that you are even getting out there and doing something, anything! For all my criticisms i have never blogged, reviewed or had anything in print, so i admire anyone that does. Let me please retract my "$hit review" comment... It was unnecessary, not to mention wrong, as you were just reviewing the dvd extras like you said.

One thing worthy of note though is that in a huge rotating, or spinning ring shaped space station such as the one featured in 2001 and this film, it is possible with enough spin that you will force any object towards the hull of the craft, thus creating an artificial gravity... As for the atmosphere and dealing with the vacuum of space... if you pumped enough oxygen and nitrogen onto the surface of the space station it would push up against the vacuum of space and create an atmosphere possibly? oh i dunno...

aDDicteD2946d ago

with all the heavy special effects in this film, i would not dare to buy the dvd version because this film is obviously a blu ray material. a lot of people ranks this film very high but i only found it averagely good, the special effects is top notch but the story is average.