Christmas Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies says "Halloween isn't the only time to enjoy a good horror movie weekend, and with the holidays it's a perfect opportunity to get the whole family together to enjoy some blood and gore. Christmas Horror Movies serve multiple purposes - they can bring a family together at this special time of year, or they can provide for some needed relief from the cheep pinching of Aunt Mabel and the cheap cigar breath of Uncle Clyde. Either way, if you're looking for the most complete listing of Christmas horror movies look no further."

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Spiewie 2957d ago

I've only seen a couple of the ones mentioned. Looks like I'll have a frightening Christmas.

Audiggity2957d ago

The site that submitted this "story" also happens to have referral URLs for Amazon linked to all of the "Watch Now" links.

Cleverly disguised affiliate content.

It made it past the review phase... so, well done. Haha.