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Ed Helms Set To Star In Naked Gun Reboot

Hey, is that Enrico Palazzo? No, it's Ed Helms, who'll be doing his best take on the late Leslie Nielsen's immortal cock-up-loving cop Frank Drebin, now Paramount has decided to give the Naked Gun franchise the (re)boot.

In the writers' dugout are Night At The Museum scribes Thomas Lennon and R. Ben Garant. They wrote the planned Baywatch movie, as well as Rent A Ghost and the recently-announced Guinea Pigging, which is deemed worthy of Mitch Hurwitz (of Arrested Development fame) to direct, which is high praise indeed.

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TheHergulaX2953d ago

I mean they will always reboot older movies, yet there is no one on I believe can out-do Leslie Nielsen.

gigoran2953d ago

His comedy style is completely different than Leslie. It won't work. If and when it's released I'll just rewatch the original instead.

StarWarsFan2953d ago

You can't beat Leslie Nielsen. It'll be a different movie entirely with Ed Helms and he isn't exactly a box-office draw, so I don't know what they're expecting with this movie with him. Maybe some time between Hangover 1 and 2 would have been better.

aDDicteD2947d ago

bad idea, he should just be involved in another comedy film that is not titled after leslie's films because it will surely be a disaster. the kind of comedies we have today are way different than the 80's, its not really the actor who would be a problem but the whole concept cannot be revived at this point in time.