The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Eddie Brock And The Enforcers Featured In Latest Daily Bugle Viral


An article written by Eddie Brock (a.k.a. Venom) has been published on The Daily Bugle viral website, and as well as confirming his presence in The Amazing Spider-Man movie-verse, it also tells the story of a battle between Spidey and classic villains The Enforcers.

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GenericNameHere2967d ago

WOOO! Venom! Now let's have a jacked-up guy playing him... Or at least someone who has muscles. Topher Grace as Eddie Brock? YUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK!! Whoever okayed that casting decision should have been slapped in the face over 9000 times.

cell9892966d ago

whos bright idea was it to cast a skinny ass person to play a comic book character known to lift weights and be buff as f*** Spiderman 3 was the biggest super hero disappointing movie of all time. There are worse SH films yes, but none carried as much expectation and hype than SP3, and youd think after 2 successful movies the 3rd would be a charm. Spiderman 3 is the prime example of what happens when you give full reins to hollywood pricks, Sam Raimi should have never gotten that much freedom.

Deadpool6162966d ago

Sam Raimi never wanted Venom in the movie to begin with. He knew nothing about the character and was only familiar with Spider-man's enemies before the 1980s. He was forced to shoehorn Venom in the movie by the Studio's head honcho because Venom's popularity = profitability. Sam had to deal with it the best he could and adding Venom ruined the flow of the original script.

cell9892966d ago

I agree that he never wanted to work with the Vnom character and that he was forced to.what also happened was that he must have said "fine Ill shoehorn him in my film, but if Im goping to its going to be my way" and thats where he F***ed up. He got too cocky and forgot that this movie is based on a comic book and not out of his selfish imagination. He knew fans really wanted Venom, but didnt care when he let his ego get the best out of him and decided to just toss him in there for the sake of the movie. Instead of using creativity and doing justice to the character, he went the lazy route and still jacked up the $300+ million budget. Ive seen movies before SP3 that had better sfx with less money to work with IE The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

Speaking of which; the difference between a talented director vs a mediocre director scoring big time on a popular franchise can be seen in how the newest movie The Hobbit:DOS Legolas was shoehorned as well, but man Peter did an excellent job making him fit there, Raimi could have done the same, but he lacks talent and creativity and for that I still blame him for destroying the Venom character, Topher Grace is the other culprit...

x5exotic2966d ago

I liked spiderman 3, it wasn't a linear 1-villain movie