Man Of Steel Is Top Movie Of 2013 With IMDb Users, Iron Man 3 Is Second

IMDB has released their list of the Top Ten Movies of 2013, and IMDb users appear to love superhero movies. Man of Steel was the most popular movie of the year, and Iron Man 3 was the second most popular movie of the year. Thor: The Dark World also made the top ten, finishing in the number nine position.

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darklordzor2163d ago

Makes total sense to me! Iron Man 3 just wasn't a very good movie, and I can't understand why so many people are adamant that it is. It has no character development, and is nothing but fluff without substance.

Blacktric2162d ago

"Iron Man 3 just wasn't a very good movie"
"It has no character development"

Surely you must be joking.

Rainstorm812162d ago

Iron Man 3 was terrible

One Word: Mandarin

Lord_Sloth2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Osama Bin Mandarin ruined it. Don Cheadle helped. yeah, I went there.

darklordzor2162d ago

I had no problem with the Mandarin. That never bugged me, it was everything else. It was all flash and Tony Stark remains essentially the same person he was at the beginning and even since the first film. He's never really evolved.

Sure, he had some PTSD that he quickly got over. That's not really character development. It's a way to move the film from one action piece to another. There was no substance behind it, and once the credits rolled there was little to think about other than "well that had some cool moments" and then it's quickly forgotten.

caleyforsythe2163d ago

IM3 was a let down in an otherwise stellar series. The last scene with so many suits flying around was just lame!

krazykombatant2162d ago

stellar series, because the 2nd one was soo good right?! /s

caleyforsythe2155d ago

lol - ok ok...gotta admit, it COULD have been a stellar series..but for me the first part was the best! :)

monkeyfox2162d ago

Man of steel despite its flaws was overall a more satisfying experience than tony starks film i think. Better music and more stand out moments on the whole. However, i didnt actually mind the mandarin thing, thought it was amusing. I think the director Shane black did as good a job as Favreau/Branagh did with the first two films..

Genki2162d ago

I'll never understand the Man of Steel circlejerk. An awful movie by every objective measure, but I guess what it really says is that Hollywood has cracked the code for these comic book films, in that a dark, serious, and somber tone makes the glaring flaws forgivable in the eyes of fans...which is the reason why mediocre films like Wolverine and Dredd are celebrated, as well as terrible films like Man of Steel. No different from the Twilight crowd as far as I'm concerned, who are just as easily fooled by drawn out gazes and a shallow love story.

That's the formula I suppose, but either way, this isn't necessarily "best movie of 2013", it simply reflects which movie got the most clicks. It's entirely feasible that there were as many trolls as there were fanatics feeding that page hits.