TVF Almost Human Review: Multiplicity

Almost Human continues to wow with its repeated forays into fancy and futuristic technologies.

On tonight's docket: holograms, clones and just what those machines look like underneath their uniforms.

While the narrative is still wildly uneven thanks to the out of order episodes, Almost Human Season 1 Episode 5 felt like a step in the right direction toward finding a storytelling groove.

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alycakes2971d ago

I found this episode to be a more endearing and showed how Dorian had actual human feeling and could connect to people. It was very good.

CursedHero2970d ago

Do you recommend this? It hasn't aired where I live over here in Asia, but I'm interested.

alycakes2970d ago

I myself like it. It was slow getting started in the first episode but I think you have to get to know the characters. I like it more and more each week. The two partners, human and the andriod, they are good together. It's got drama and humor too.