TVF Major Crimes Review: Father Knows Best

This week on Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 14, Flynn had a difficult time watching a family implode after their patriarch was murdered because he identified with the motives of the victim as he tried to face his own issues.

Meanwhile, Rios was angry to learn Rusty had seen a therapist without anyone consulting her, but she was a little sketchy on why she was really upset.

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alycakes2970d ago

Good episode but I want them to get to the one where they finally deal with Rusty's problem.

CursedHero2970d ago

Hopefully, they will get to it soon. I can't wait to see that play out!

alycakes2969d ago

Yeah, who's writing those letters? Is it someone we already know and see in every episode or just someone that the guilty atty hired to it?