Total Film | Jeune et Jolie Review


Following the deft In The House, Jeune Et Jolie is another compelling study in youthful rebellion from director François Ozon.

Like a modern-day spin on the classic Belle De Jour (1967), only this time with a teenage schoolgirl replacing Catherine Deneuve’s bored housewife, the film stars relative newcomer Marine Vacth as isabelle, a quietly enigmatic girl who lives with her parents and younger brother Victor in a typically bourgeois Parisian household.

With the film divided into four seasonal chapters, each accompanied by a different tune from Françoise Hardy, a theme of transition emerges. The spine of the story is Isabelle’s gradual shift towards womanhood, albeit in an unconventional (and potentially destructive) way.

Embodying this, Vacth is quite superb as Isabelle – adeptly moving from early scenes of cool detachment to the emotional fall-out of the final act, when one particular unforeseen encounter puts things into harsh perspective. In a film about the thor...

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