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Shooting in widescreen black and white, Payne works fresh variations on his favourite format, the road movie (see About Schmidt, Sideways). His sense of place is as acute as ever and the casting is spot-on down to the smallest bit-part. As Woody’s sardonic wife, Squibb steals several scenes, and there’s another welcome returnee in the shape of Stacy Keach as Woody’s ex-partner with his eye on the loot.

But above all, Nebraska belongs to Dern, inhabiting his role with total conviction. Shuffling, shambling, his white hair fluffed out like stale candy-floss, he’s a picture of dazed helplessness. But then every so often, a glimpse of that cunning sidelong glance we remember from the Dern of old makes us wonder – is Woody quite as doolally as he makes out?

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CursedHero2966d ago

I'm in Asia, so I hope this makes it over here. Great review!