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3 More Godzilla Viral Videos - First Bryan Cranston Footage


Three more viral videos for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla have surfaced online. Hit the jump to get your first look at footage of Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad") in the film.

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Patychess732967d ago

to much man of steel , you think , on that note I'm out

Lord_Sloth2966d ago

Judging a movie based on a viral video.....Wow.

TheHergulaX2967d ago

I dont hate, but I dislike, Viral teaser videos.

ironfist922966d ago

Viral Teaser's only work (like Cloverfield) when you dont know what its for, and then people try to figure out what it is.

The fact we already know this is for Godzilla renders this strategy pointless.

level 3602967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Video link looks great!!

I love it that they kept original Godzilla's trademark look and especially that sound.. Wow!, brings me back to my childhood.

Godzilla was the very first movie I have ever seen, remember bugging my mom just to see it.

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