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10 Video Games That Should Be Movies

Chris Patton at WASD UK walks film-fanatics through 10 video games that should be films. Why can nobody see that Dig Dug could simply be a Pitch Black remake? Get on this, Hollywood:

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CursedHero2965d ago

Thanks, alycakes and retrospectrealm, I won't tag anything anymore. I wish somebody would have told me the unwritten rules in the first place. Those issues are fixed now.

RetrospectRealm2965d ago

Well, depending on the submissions you post, you may still be required to tag.

CursedHero2964d ago

Well, you all can take joy in the points you get, regardless. Tell you what, I won't tag anything and then you all can get more points for complaining that I don't tag. Next, I'll do what you say and then you can complain that I tag. I'll fix it and, then, you can get more points for complaining that I used a tag.

RetrospectRealm2963d ago

Honestly, points from reports really don't mean anything to anyone. We like to run a tight ship around here at Filmwatch.

blackwyvere2956d ago

With the comics run, you never know... there might actually be a movie (animation) of the game... but considering the number of videos there are already there in the game (console version), they might give it a miss... but I'd definitely want to see the movie as I don't game much..