Justice For Dredd – The Film You need To Watch

There are things in this world that tick me off; war, poverty, greed and injustice. You know, that whole shebang. And then there are the things that seem trivial but somehow become mega important. Things like Dredd.

Dredd was a 2012 release starring Karl Urban as the titular frowny-faced dispenser of justice and Olivia Thirlby as psychic rookie Judge Anderson. It was in 3D, it was raw, it was violent and it was utterly brilliant. And like idiots, we all ignored it.

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MrDead2973d ago

The sequels need to be made, Dredd was a good introduction to the character and hearing what they want to do with the following movies has me praying for funding.

FlunkinMonkey2972d ago

I'd be interested to know what they plan for the sequel, do you have a link mate? Or is it in this article? I couldn't see it in there.

Scrivlar2973d ago

Managed to see it at the cinema and loved it!

aDDicteD2972d ago

The marketing was not really that bad because i have seen several trailers of it before it initially came out and there were articles as well. another reason i think it did not do well in the box office is because it was too risky at that time to see it in theaters because the last dredd that stallone did was not really a good film and people would assume initially that the remake would be more or less the same standards as the last one. i do hope it would have a proper sequel with karl urban and olivia thirby soon because i have enjoyed this remake, they should push the project because now a lot of movie fans saw the difference and hopefully this time around it will get its due.

medman2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I actually didn't see this in the theater (I'm not at all into the 3d) but bought the blu ray. I loved it. Very good movie with great pacing and the action is impeccable.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32972d ago

It was a great movie. Good to see that its getting a cult following on DVD. Hopefully that will persuade the powers that be to make a sequel, although from what I understand the movie lost too much money at the BO to even recuperate through DVD sales.