Amazing Spider-Man 2 Viral Site Introduces Doctor Octopus’s Alter Ego

Just hours after some fans had begun to speculate that The Office‘s B.J. Novak might play Dr. Otto Octavius in the forthcoming Spider-Man sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (see more on his mystery role here), The Daily Bugle–the movie’s viral marketing site–made its first reference to the villain.

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TheHergulaX2974d ago

Personally, I would not want to see Dr Octopus in this current Spider-Man movie series, largely because I feel that the character was so well created in Tobey's Spidey flick, that I dont want another try at it. While I would not condemn it, I just feel like Spidey has enough villains, they dont need to make another film with Octopus as one of the villains. But hey, that is just me.

I would much rather see Venom, Carnage, and Mysterio on film.

iamnsuperman2973d ago

I don't mind having an introduction as it seems the franchise is building towards the sinister six of sorts. As long as he isn't causing trouble in this film and is merely used as a build up for the third I welcome the news

just-joe2973d ago

I wonder if the thing Peter's father was working on was a cure for cancer which in the ultimate universe was the venom symbiote.

Soldierone2972d ago

They could even create a Venom movie out of that utilizing the new Venom character. Since the cancer idea failed, they basically kept messing with it, and figured "hey we can give this combat vet his legs back."

I really don't see how they can build a franchise any other way than to make Venom a symbiote to some character. Unless they plan to introduce Carnage.

Scrivlar2973d ago

Alfred Molina's Doc Oc was incredible, It's a lot to live up to.

StarWarsFan2973d ago

I'm a little concerned with the scope of this second movie. There seems to be so many characters at work, it's reminding me of Spider-Man 3; that is, will there be room for all the characters to get their fair share of time on-screen?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I doubt they'd make the same mistake twice. Would they? o_o

To be fair SM3 sucked because the villains sucked. Sandman was turned into a sob story and despite actually being a pretty bad guy (He nearly killed Harry, Peter, kidnapped Mj and would have probably killed her too) he was the only one who got away scott free. Venom/Eddie were basically a victim who was pushed to his limits (face it, Peter was a d**k) and ended up dying for it. And Harry wore a friggin paintball mask AAAAAAnd died the most cliche' way possible. Also did i forget to mention Peter & Mj's relationship just randomly backtracked & took us to a pre-Spider-man 2 stage relationship? It was a fun movie but very underwhelming after the awesome Spider-man 2.

As long as TASM2 avoids all of that noise we're good. Zack Snyder crammed 20 heroes/villains into Watchmen & that turned out great. It's all execution.

Soldierone2972d ago

There are two questions at hand for me at this point then.

1 Will the new Doc Ock live up to the highlight of the old franchise?

2 Will they make Doc Ock as important as he has become in the comics? Marvel basically took Green Goblin away from Spidey, and because of that Doc Ock has become basically the arch nemesis of Spidey since then. So will he be just as vital in the movies, or will Green Goblin still be the key villain?

DarkBlood2972d ago

im not sure, could doc ock be capable of manipulating behind the scenes making it appear that the green goblin is the one behind it all?

WitWolfy2972d ago

I loved Doc Ock in the original Spider-Man movies.. I cant imagine anybody else playing the role

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