Man of Steel Snubbed In Academy Awards' "Visual Effects" Shortlist


While Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World have made the cut, Man of Steel is noticeably absent in the list of ten films which are now in the running for a place in the "Visual Effects" category for the 86th Oscars. Hit the jump to find out which other movies are on the shortlist!

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TheHergulaX2967d ago

I mean honestly speaking, I am not surprised, as Man of Steel did not impress when it comes to Visual Effects. Completely logical for it to be removed from the running.

coolbeans2965d ago

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree, especially when looking at what's still in the running. The Dark World and Into Darkness just didn't impress me as much visually. Partially b/c of the art design feeling a bit generic for both and Synder's directing made MoS' action scenes feel so..."authentic." As if the BOOMs and SMACKs were just lifted right out of the comic books.

TheHergulaX2963d ago

I get your opinion, and understand where you are coming from, but the visual effects category does not only look at how the overall film turned out. They look into the mistakes and small flaws, Man of Steel has bunch of them, that is the reason I feel they made the correct decision in removing Man of Steel from contention. The visual effects were good, but flawed.

coolbeans2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Ahhh...okay. If that's how they specifically grade the visual effects category then that makes much more sense.

TheHergulaX2961d ago

I am not a hundred Per cent on that, but I believe that is how. Considering that Man of Steel was indeed over-the-top covered in Visual Effects, it is easier for them to see the small mistakes with such quick movements, character stretching, unrealizm, at times.

BUT, I will say this, for the type of film Man of Steel was, the visual effects were great, as it is nearly impossible to make the effects look clean cut when they are flying about, slamming one thing into another, for what it is worth, the type of film it was, it does deserve mentioning that the visual effects are still all in all very very good. Maybe just not Oscar worthy.

aDDicteD2965d ago

all the shortlist films mentioned were all impressive, i have not watched all of them yet but i think gravity will win it, on the other hand i also think that man of steel should have been included in the shortlist at least because it was better than lone ranger and world war z in terms of special effects and in par with ironman 3. oblivion, gravity and pacific rim are the strongest contenders.

StarWarsFan2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I don't think Star Trek will make the final cut. It's kind of just too much "been there, done that." While that's the same case with The Hobbit, it has such a massive scale, so it should have a better shot. I don't know if Iron Man 3 offered much more from previous installments to get a nomination here. I think The Lone Ranger deserves a nomination, but it's box-office performance will be a hindrance. Elysium, Oblivion, Thor: The Dark World and World War Z are the more solid bets to make the final round with Gravity set to take the win at the end in my book.

It is curious to see Man Of Steel out of the running. While it did good in theaters and there was much hype beforehand, I don't know if many people really fell in love with the movie, which might go toward explaining its exclusion in the top ten. I get the sense many people were indifferent to it one way or another.