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Game Druid's Choices for Wonder Woman Other Than Gal Gadot

The writing's on the wall now with Gal Gadot being cast of Wonder Woman; but we were asked (after being bound by the Golden Lasso of Truth) - "Who did we think were the best choices to play Wonder Woman?" and we replied...

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caleyforsythe2971d ago

shes way too skinny - kate beckinsale or gemma would have worked out great!

-Foxtrot2971d ago

I think any other actress would of been better the Gal

Seriously she got the role because of looks....thats all

She's the eye candy of the film despite the fact Wonder Woman isn't about sexiness

DC have terrible casting choices so far...first Ben now Gal...who's next Shia LaBeouf as The Flash

TheHergulaX2971d ago

While I agree that Gal Gadot is not a good fit for Wonder Woman, I believe that the Ben Affleck thing is more of wait-and-see type of a situation. It is not nearly as bad as Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, not even close.

blackwyvere2970d ago

Somehow DC can never get these movies right. Excluding the Nolan's Batman trilogy. They probably need to get some of the Marvel Execs to teach them a thing or two :P

calis2969d ago

Call it sexist or whatever, but people won't see Wonder Woman unless the lead is attractive.

aDDicteD2970d ago

She is too skinny, however, she can work out to gain a few pounds, she already has the face value and she only needs to bring extra pounds for the role. another issue would be her acting skills but she only had like 2 or 3 films and it would be early to judge her range for just that. there might be a better choice but the ones in the article were not necessarily a better choice. beckinsale is an established actress but wont work as wonder woman in my opinion.