Will Smith vs. Djimon Hounsou for Black Panther Movie! Any Thoughts?


With all the massive collection at the box office for Thor: The Dark World (north of $600 million, recent report states), the possibilities of the other Avenger movies makes it even more probable.
If the Black Panther does make it to the big screen, who would play the role? If the studio can afford, I would definitely want to see Will Smith (massive fan). Or the other possibility would be to see Djimon Hounsou. He is a very versatile actor who could definitely pull it off.

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caleyforsythe2967d ago

naa i think will smith's time as a super hero has gone. he's cooked.

blackwyvere2967d ago

Ha ha
If Affleck can be batman, it can be possible :D

caleyforsythe2967d ago

lol - i thikn affleck will be good as batman..stop trolling! :D

ScepticTankAvenger2965d ago

Oh please, like Bale was a good Batman? Or Cloony? Give Affleck a chance. And both these guys are kind of old ain't they? They are both in their mid to late 40s, and wouldn't this put them in the Avengers' movie universe, which should last well into the end of this decade? They'll be in their 50s running through the jungle by Avengers 3. But then again, they would probably have a stunt double do all the action scenes or CGI. Then have Will or Djimon whenever the mask is off and acting is required. Hey, as long as we finally get a decent black superhero film, I'm in!

blackwyvere2967d ago

Who would you consider to take that role?
(When the movie is made)

blackwyvere2967d ago

Was just kidding. I honestly think Affleck will be a great batman. Just all depends on the writers and director. We are always quick the judge the actors, no one considers the people behind the movie.

firelogic2966d ago

Ideally I'd want Michael Jai White to be Black Panther but seeing as how nobody would give him a franchise this big to carry, Djimon Honsou would be an excellent choice.

Will Smith? Not so much.

Simon_Brezhnev2966d ago

Yeah i want Michael J White he already got the moves for it.

Ninte2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Will smith for black panther and willow smith as ? jaden smith ?

Soldierone2965d ago

As long as it's just him, not his son too, and he signs a long term deal to do several then MAYBE. Otherwise I rather get a lesser known actor in the role than some famous big wig.

Will Smith used to be my favorite, but recently its just not something I get excited about.

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