The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Hinting at Venom in a Future Movie?


The new ASM trailer has answered a lot of questions on where Mark Webb and Sony are going to take the franchise. But does this one frame hint at Spider-Man's most famous villain? Hit the jump to see what you think!

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RetrospectRealm2969d ago

Don't forget that tweeted photo of the vault that holds the symbiote from Marc Webb.

Crazay2969d ago

yep. i remember that.

caleyforsythe2968d ago

did anyone not mention vulture and doc ock as well? i know its obvious..but really?

TheHergulaX2968d ago

I mean they have rumored nearly a dozen new characters, I seriously doubt many of the rumored villains will even be featured in the upcoming films, but that is just me.

christian hour2966d ago

I read the entire Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series, and I remember when I first heard they were rebooting the spiderman movies and basing it on ultimate spiderman, I busted a nut, of course I was very disappointed with the end product and the on screen schizophrenic peter parker jock/nerd/preppy/skater/whatev er, this sequel though seems to be trying to make up for it entirely, and all these little easter eggs in the trailer so far appear to just be shout outs and references to the ultimate spider man series of comics. Ultiamte spiderman basically gave al the villains and heroes new origin stories, and just in case Venom does end up in a future film or its referenced in the new film, I wont say a thing about how symbiote spidey comes about jsut in case I spoil what may be more than an easter egg.

TheHergulaX2966d ago

That is a good explanation tho, as I did not realize which comic book series the movies were based on. Honestly, I am fine with the idea of new origin stories, and on film, most of them can play out quite well.

But why did you not like The Amazing Spider-Man? I felt that the film was actually quite good for the first spidey flick. Now I do agree that it could have been better, but I feel that it could have also been far worse than it was. I also believe that the upcoming film will be superior.

gigoran2966d ago ShowReplies(1)
Soldierone2966d ago

I'm kinda mad about it in a way. Why are they using Ultimate Spider-Man ideas when the series is called AMAZING Spider-Man? It's kind of disrespect in a way to do that as a Spider-Man reader. Each sub name was put there for a reason, and crossing over so much annoys me. Just call it Ultimate Spider-Man, as long as it stays as Peter Parker and not the new lame guy (in the comics) I'm fine with it.

I'm still excited and pumped to see this, it's just annoying me that its called AMAZING and its not even following that series at all.

christian hour2966d ago

Yeah that was one thing that really confused me shortly before the first one was released, when it was in production the press junkets said it was based on ultimate spider man, then the traile hit and it was called Amazing Spiderman. It was a terrible film, this one seems to be paying more attention to the ultimate series this time around, but still... that name. :( Also I hope they fix Garfields portrayal of peter parker this time around, I felt in the first film he was a completely different person in every scene, there was nothing consistent about the character at all.

Soldierone2966d ago

I enjoyed the first film, but its still not following the comics.

In this one Rhino, Electro, and the hints at Doc Ock, Vulture, and now Venom are all from Ultimate.

The only thing they really pushed in Amazing's way is the new suit with big eyes.

cell9892966d ago

I really hope they don't f**k up Venom again by bringing the ultimate form. They need to keep it grounded to the original version