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The Walking Dead Spoiler: The Twisted Way Carol Might Return


This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale. If you pay close attention to The Walking Dead, there is little that the writers do without a reason. If a scene jumps out at you as unusual, it’s more often than not that the scene is setting up something that will happen later.

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ajax172965d ago

Of course she'll be back. Just like Merle.

alycakes2965d ago

I hope she comes back and I hope she'll be okay because as far as I'm concerned, I'm on her side. She was one of the strong ones and had it not been for her those little girls at the end would have been Walker food instead of being helpful to the group. No one knows what they would do in certain type of these situations to survive.

Lord_Sloth2965d ago

I hope she gets eaten. I loved Carol in the comics but in the show she hold little to no interest to me. She's just annoying.

darklordzor2965d ago

I have to disagree, I thought she was whiny and weak in the comics, and when she went, I was happy. Her plot line in the comics wasn't that great and I was happy with the changes they made for the show.

aDDicteD2963d ago

i was also thinking that carol and tyrese might be reunited in this kind of way, which makes it interesting. the thing that bothers me is that the show also gives glimpses of a psychopath living among the group while in prison killing small animals, its too early for assumptions but i think one of the small girls did it and i have a feeling carol might not be the one who killed tyrese girlfriend and she is protecting the small girl.