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Green Goblin Who? Dane DeHaan Responds To Early 'Spider-Man' Photo


Actor plays it cool when MTV News asks about the suspicious 'Spider-Man 2' poster.

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darklordzor2553d ago

Well, at least he says a lot of things will be revealed with the trailer. That at least means we'll get some answers on Thursday about things.

Crazay2553d ago

I still think there's going to be some sort of huge payoff in the form of a big story arc that's going to set up the next 2 movies story arc.

darklordzor2553d ago

Yep, I have a strong feeling of that as well. I feel like they're really setting up a bigger universe. Much like how Nolan had a bunch of minor villains mentioned and used throughout the Dark Knight trilogy in order to flesh out the world and make it more comprehensive.