The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Banner Officially Released In High Quality


With the first full-length trailer launching in two days, Sony Pictures is gearing up for a first wave of marketing for the Marc Webb-directed sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Today, the studio has officially released this new banner, which was previously in low quality. Check it out...

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Crazay2978d ago

Hey check out the top right of the image and look at the face staring back at you...Looks like Dane Dehaan to me. What do you guys think?

HebrewHammer2977d ago

Yea. Looks like Green Goblin.

frelyler2976d ago

Calling it now, he's Hobgoblin.

aznfrankie2978d ago

Why is Spider-Man represented twice in the same completed banner?

spicelicka2977d ago

I think its a reflection of him, you can see it in the far right banner too.

Either way who cares about this movie.

Crazay2977d ago

I care about it too. I don't like the "Robot suit" Rhino to be perfectly honest and I LOATHE Jamie Foxx but I still want to see it.

Soldierone2976d ago

It's him on the screen, as if people are recording him in action. They utilized that to show his face.

calis2977d ago

The link doesnt work for me?

R6ex2976d ago

Did I see the Silver Surfer?

I miss him after Fantastic 4.