How 7 Famous Movies Dealt With An Actor Dying Mid-Production


Hollywood is a business. It doesn't always feel that way because we know many of the specific players and the industry's sole purpose is ultimately to try and please the general public. Deep down, however, making movies is still a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Budgets often require nine digits. Thousands of people are typically employed in making just one of them come to fruition, and the general outlines have to be worked out months and months in advance in order to pull everything off. Studios are run like Fortune 500 movie companies, probably because many of them are, and at no point is that clearer than after a movie star dies.

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KingPin2975d ago

i'd say scrap it altogether.
without the Paul and Vin duo its just not the same.
look at 2 fast 2 furious. it wasn't exactly a flop but watching it you know something is missing.
furious 6 ended on a good note as well and it seems like they came full circle. it would have been nice to have another fast movie but we all know it wouldn't be the same. Paul and Vin are the fast and furious.

Ninte2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

You know Brandon Lee died on set while filming The Crow and they won't be the last. Paul Walker probably wouldn't want it stopped because of his death and would want it to carry on in his memories. FF has done well and even if the FF family is broken, i like to see it carry on because we all know these movies wouldn't have been made with out these awesome actors.